Delores Whitehead Jackson enjoyed great career in Air Force

West College of Education Distinguished Alumni

Delores Whitehead Jackson enjoyed great career in Air Force

Delores Jackson is an adjunct professor at MSU Texas, and she recently retired from the university after 20 years of service. Of those years served, 13 were in the Department of Applied Arts & Sciences as the assistant director (2008-2013) and director (2014-2021). She graduated from MSU Texas in 2004 with a degree in counseling.

Jackson is a veteran of the United States Air Force (July 1975-May 1995), where she conducted human relations training for the 10,000-plus military and civilian populations assigned to the installations among her countless contributions to the service. She served in Arkansas, Texas, and Japan.

Earlier this year, Jackson was included in the publication Women of Wichita County Texas: Stories about Remarkable Women. In 2008, Jackson received a United States Congress State of Texas Award for Christian Women’s Job Corps Ministry.

Her interests include coaching and mentoring at-risk youth, young women, and adult learners; autobiographies of prominent African-American figures; and community service projects and activities. She said her favorite MSU memory is the onset of the fall semester because of the energy of new beginnings, and December graduation because of the different level of excitement combined with the holiday season festivities and decorations.

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