MSU Texas adds Master of Professional Studies program

Building a more marketable professional

MSU Texas adds Master of Professional Studies program

Professionals want to be highly flexible when it's time to hit the job market, and Midwestern State University continues to mold its programs to provide students with a professional edge throughout their careers. 

The new Master of Professional Studies program, approved by the MSU Texas Board of Regents during its May meeting, is another step to give students great options to tailor their studies to their specific career or professional development needs.

“We hope that the core courses in research, leadership, and ethics, augmented by content courses in at least two disciplines, provide students the marketable skills needed to assume leadership roles in their organizations,” said Kathy Zuckweiler, Dean of Dr. Billie Doris McAda Graduate School. 

The MPS is an interdisciplinary program that crosses traditional academic boundaries and is ideal for a curriculum tailored to a grad student's career needs and future aspirations. It requires 36 semester credit hours. 

“One strength of the new MPS is its ability to accommodate students with different learning styles and scheduling needs. The degree can be completed fully online, fully face-to-face, or some combination of the two modes, depending on the courses chosen. Each student will work with an advisor to craft a program of study that meets their personal and professional goals.”  

Zuckweiler said the McAda Graduate School is grateful to the West College of Education, and many graduate programs across campus that contributed courses to the new MPS degree. "This level of interdisciplinary in a graduate degree is new to MSU, and we're excited about the opportunities it creates for students," she added. 



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