Business management major says sacrificing for Study Abroad is well worth it

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Business management major says sacrificing for Study Abroad is well worth it

Preston Sanderson decided to listen to his grandma. In so many words, she told him to save today and enjoy tomorrow.

That advice led the Midwestern State senior to participate in Study Abroad in the summer of 2018 with a trip to London.

He learned about business and had the privilege of witnessing the 2018 Wimbledon Championship men’s singles final, won by Novak Djokovic.

“I went to London because I wanted to experience life outside the U.S.,” Sanderson said. “The opportunity came up that I could also get some of the hours I needed, and with my grandma’s encouragement, I made my down payment.”

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What did the business management major learn?

“You don’t realize business being as global as it is, everything comes from so many places,” Sanderson said. “You go buy a part, and you don’t think much about it. But that part may have been manufactured in one place, and then it all comes together in another place.”

Sanderson learned about sacrifice before leaving for Study Abroad. His advice to younger students is to follow suit.

“Don't let the finances behind it be the reason you don't go,” Sanderson said. “If you really want to go, you can find the extra dollars."

He suggests working extra hours, applying for scholarships, and looking online for organizations that want to help students.

It paid off for Sanderson, who could see the real-life effects of the global supply chain, which to him was much different than reading it in a textbook.

“With globalization, it makes it easier to partner with other countries, and this forces you to think about supply chain, logistics, and expansion,” Sanderson said. “We went to the International Maritime Organization, which deals with all of the shipping arrangements. The big thing I gained from Study Abroad is realizing how global the world is.”

Study Abroad group picture
Study Abroad for London had 104 students participate in 2019, an increase of 13. (A J Lopez III, MSU Texas)


Sanderson's highlight reel from London included a visit to Canary Wharf; a tour of Britain’s oldest brewer, Shepherd Neame; and an up-close view of a Grand Slam tennis final from Wimbledon.

“We took the tube everywhere we went in London, and some students went to different countries on the mini-break,” Sanderson said. “There are limitless things to do in London; you could be there your entire life and not do all of them.”

Sanderson had a chance to expand his horizons while also earning academic credit. And he’s thankful for the opportunity. “Those aren't things a company sponsoring you can do,” he said. “Those are only things you can do while you're in college at Midwestern State. It connects you to the world because you've been over there and seen how things are different.”


This sharing Study Abroad series is in celebration of International Education Week.

The Study Abroad program at Midwestern State University has allowed hundreds of students to experience learning in a unique setting.

The program set a record with 146 students in 2019. The majority participated in classes in London (104), followed by Grenada (23), Spain (15), and France (4). Prague will be added in 2020.

The participation for London has surpassed 90 students in three of the last four years. The highest enrollment for Spain was 23 in 2018.

Dr. Michael Mills is the International Education Director at Midwestern State University.

MSU Texas offers students in all disciplines the opportunity to take advantage of academically based programs in France, Spain, and England. Language-based programs in Spain and France are available during summer I. The program in London during summer II offers numerous classes in a variety of academic disciplines. Students interested in the sciences can participate in a short course in Central America with a focus on biology, botany, and environmental science. Scholarships and financial aid are available for all programs.

Dr. Michael Mills with a group from MSU Texas Study Abroad
Dr. Michael Mills with a group from MSU Texas Study Abroad. (A J Lopez III, MSU Texas)


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