Podcast developed by MSU Texas sociology professor

Cohoon hopes to clarify field of sociology for students and public

Podcast developed by MSU Texas sociology professor

Wes Cohoon, assistant professor of sociology at Midwestern State University, says there are misconceptions about the field of sociology. He wants to educate the public about sociology and highlight its uses and practicality for all, so he has developed a podcast called “As a Matter of Interact: Practical Sociology for Everyone.”

The podcast title focuses on understanding social interactions and structures to help people navigate decisions, understand society, and critically address problems. “Instead of changing people, I want to make sociology more accessible to a broader audience,” Cohoon said.

Cohoon developed a schedule for the first year of content that is available through Spotify. His goal is public sociology and making the field more accessible and familiar, not promoting political ideologies or worldviews. “The podcast does not push or endorse a political agenda. I will not engage in sensitive, partisan debates,” Cohoon said.

He plans on sharing it with his students who want more information about sociology and its uses in everyday life. In addition to making sociology more accessible, he believes the podcast can also serve as a recruiting tool for students who may become interested in sociology as a minor or major. “Students can share this information with their parents

as a matter of interact logo for podcast Practical sociology for everyone

 when asked, ‘What are you going to do with that?’ or at least be able to articulate the benefits of sociology themselves,” Cohoon said.

Cohoon’s description for the podcast invites listeners to join him as he helps us to understand and evaluate social interactions, relationships, human behaviors, institutions, and systems. “Everyone is connected to a web of individuals and larger society through our careers, families, and personal lives. My goal is to help you better navigate your life and make informed decisions through the practical application of sociology in your life.”

The episodes are approximately 30 minutes long, and a new episode will be introduced biweekly. Four are available now on Spotify.

Contact Cohoon by email or call 940-397-4592 for more information.