Investigator found MSU Texas made online education much easier

A continuing education success story

Investigator found MSU Texas made online education much easier

Karen Box started her college journey nearly 30 years ago. It was a different world in many ways.

Box has enjoyed a successful career in law enforcement and raised a family. She is an investigator in Franklin, Texas. But she still had the desire to finish college. She heard about MSU while attending the TCOLE (Texas Commission on Law Enforcement) conference in Corpus Christi. When her son, Thomas Box, graduated from Abilene Christian University, she decided it was time for her to complete her education.

“I reached out to Midwestern, filled out my application, and was quickly connected with my academic counselor, Carley Kundert. To say that I could have never completed this journey without her is an understatement,” Box said. “She was there to answer all of my questions, and believe me, there were many! Carley did so in such a way that I never felt as though I was a burden. She always took her time to explain everything to me so that I felt comfortable about the next steps. I will never be able to thank her enough.”

The non-traditional students are more common in college in the 2020s, but Box admittedly had some trepidation about the process. “I was very hesitant to take this step as I had been out of a school setting for so long, and though I was not new to technology, I was very new to how college classes now worked. When I first went to college, I physically stood in line to register for classes, stood in line at a book store to purchase books, and physically attended classes. Now, I would be attending class on-line, with most material being digital, and this was a huge adjustment for me.”

She methodically handled the challenge, graduating in Fall 2023 with her BAAS in Criminal Justice. She also made the decision to run for Sheriff in Robertson County in 2024. She has worked in that office for 21 years, 19 as an investigator. She has spent more time on the administration side over the past four years. Prior to that, she was responsible for cases involving sexual assault, large financial crimes, and she worked closely with the Texas Rangers on special investigations.

“I feel like with my experience and my degree, I have a great deal to offer,” Box said. The filing process did conflict with her graduation in Wichita Falls, but she didn’t lose out on the satisfaction of a successful education mission. She praised the professors, bookstore staff, and registrar staff for their help.

“My entire experience at Midwestern State University has been amazing. I have not had one negative experience during my time at Midwestern! Not only was I able to complete my degree, but I have learned a great deal that I will take with me on my next career step.”

She believes other adults would find great value continuing their education at MSU Texas.

“The ability to work at my own pace was wonderful,” Box said. “Online did take a little getting used to at first, but I wouldn’t trade it. I, without hesitation, recommend Midwestern State University to anyone, but more specifically to mature adults who want to return to finish their degree or to those who want to attend for the first time! The programs are top-notch, and so is the staff!”