Travel website names Midwestern State “Most Beautiful College Campus in Texas”

MSU Texas campus earns high praise

Travel website names Midwestern State “Most Beautiful College Campus in Texas”

TheTravel, a photography and destination website, has named Midwestern State University the Most Beautiful College Campus in Texas.

“… founded as a junior college in 1922, Midwestern State University has blossomed into a world-class university. It features tiled roofs on top of arched facades and signature maroon (red brick) exteriors,” the article states. “The 255-acre campus has 70 buildings and notable attractions like the Sunwatcher, the Gates of Hercules, and a replica of the Liberty Bell,” referring to a few of the attractions on the MSU Texas campus.

“It’s no surprise that MSU Texas would be recognized for its beautiful campus,” said President Stacia Haynie. “The architecture of our buildings, the world-class sculptures and artwork that adorn the campus, and the tremendous work of our facilities and grounds staff have long been a point of pride for our university and Wichita Falls. This recognition also honors our past leadership’s commitment to campus beautification.”

Campuses in the list ranked below MSU Texas include Rice University, Texas A&M, Texas Christian University, The University of Texas at Austin, Baylor University, Texas Tech University, Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas State University, and St. Edward’s University.

“This recognition is an honor,” said Armando Muniz, grounds maintenance superintendent. “There are many great college campuses in Texas, and among them, I’ve always felt that MSU Texas offers an exceptional environment to learn, work, and reside.”

For accompanying attractions in Wichita Falls, the information lists Wichita Falls Museum of Art at MSU Texas, Juanita Harvey Art Gallery in the Fain College of Fine Arts and MSU-Burns Fantasy of Lights. Other local attractions included Castaway Cove Waterpark, the Family Fun Zone, Kemp Center for the Arts, the Jenny to Jet Exhibit at the Wichita Falls Regional Airport, Kell House Museum, and the Museum of North Texas History. The article concluded with the added tip to “Enjoy the Texas ‘ride’ of passage by participating in the annual Hotter ’N Hell Hundred bicycling event.”

TheTravel is a website of destination lists that boasts two million average monthly users, with writers and photographers who have a passion for travel.

Midwestern State University in front of Hardin Building

Campus views

Bolin fountain with view from the Quad and fall visual of the lawn


Wellnes Center view at night showing the windows of the building and front doors


 Hardin Administration building with a nice daytime view of the yard in front

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