25 undergraduate research scholars funded for Fall ’22

25 undergraduate research scholars funded for Fall ’22

The MSU Texas Office of Undergraduate Research will fund 20 EURECA research projects in fall 2022. These projects were selected by peer-review from the six colleges; 15 are new and five are continuations from the spring funding period.

The 25 EURECA scholars, 21 who are new to EURECA and four returning, and 27 faculty mentors are listed below.

EURECA scholars, along with other undergraduates involved in research through coursework across campus will present their results at the Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Forum on Nov. 17 in the Clark Student Center.

Fain College of Fine Arts

  • Shelby Ochs, “The fallacy of the Shakespearean heroine: Reimagining William Shakespeare's Othello,” Mentor: Morgan Mallory, theatre performance.

Dillard College of Business Administration

  • Gabriella Pettijohn and Austin Strode, “The impact of party affiliation on Texas counties balance of payments with the federal government,” Mentors: John Martinez and Robert Forrester, economics and finance.
  • Shainell Joseph, “I shouldn’t have helped you! A qualitative study of resentment of peer helping outside of classroom and its consequences,” Mentors: Niyati Kataria and Shih Yung Chou, business management.

Gunn College of Health Sciences and Human Services

  • Morgan Holcomb, “Promoting self-care among undergraduate nursing students through the use of a behavior change project,” Mentor: Robin Lockhart, nursing.
  • Nicholas Hubbert “Impact of mindful activity through smartphone application,” Mentor: Tracie Fulton, nursing.
  • Louis Adam “Safe medication administration: The case to prevent medication errors via embedded EHR alerts,” Mentors: Ekundayo Oloworibi (graduate student), and Stephanie Baker, nursing.
  • Ebany Hanna, “Utility of diagnostic X-rays versus computed tomography for imaging skull fractures,” Mentor: Jessyca Wagner, radiologic sciences.

McCoy College of Science Mathematics and Engineering

  • Kaylee Twilligear, “Phosphate-linked glycans and Candida albicans cell wall properties,” Mentor: James Masuoka, biology.
  • Zaniya Medlin, “Genetic typing of antibiotic-resistant coli strains from local waterfowl,” Mentor: James Masuoka, biology.
  • Ryan Azzouz, “Reversion of antibiotic-resistance to antibiotic-susceptibility: genetic effects,” Mentor: James Masuoka, biology.
  • Abigail Matthew, “Using membrane protein chaperone to prevent familial mutant of alpha-synuclein protein aggregation in Parkinson’s disease,” Mentor: Fu-Cheng Liang, chemistry.
  • Victor Marchesi, “Sentiment analysis of COVID-19 vaccines on social media over time,” Mentor: Mika Morgan, computer science.
  • McClain White and Nevil Vora, “Membrane distillation for clean water production,” Mentor: Mahmoud Elsharafi, engineering.
  • Anna Razavi, Aryian Razavi, and Yoseph Helal, “On more friendly refrigerants: AAARS Score,” Mentors: Randal Hallford, Sheldon Wang and Terry Griffin, chemistry, engineering, and computer science.
  • Edvin Benjamin, “Design of an exoskeleton using servo motors,” Mentors: Pranaya Pokharel and Tina Johnson, engineering and computer science.
  • Sharome Burton, “Autonomous collaborative drones – air- and ground-based network,” Mentors: Yu Guo and Eduardo Colmenares-Diaz, engineering and computer science.

West College of Education

  • Shawnisay Millar, “What is the dominant personality trait of college faculty?” Mentors: Sandra Shawver and Carrie Taylor, kinesiology.
  • Megan Thonsgaard, “Enhancing culturally relevant science and math tasks with multicultural literature,” Mentor: Dittika Gupta, undergraduate education.
  • Beatrice Perucchini, “Mindfulness intervention for sports performance,” Mentors: Suzanne Lindt and Tara Fox, psychology, undergraduate education, and counseling.

Prothro-Yeager College of Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Zetta Cannedy and Cristin Martin, “Legal consciousness and community: A survey of legal understanding and legal approval in Wichita County, Texas,” Mentor: Linda Veazey, political science and global studies.

For more information contact the Undergraduate Research Office in the Clark Student Center, Room 161, call 940-397-6275, or email eureca@msutexas.edu. More information may also be found on EURECA’s webpage.

Director: Stacia Miller

Coordinator: Julie Scales