Case receives MSU Texas Faculty Award

Respiratory care professor makes subject fun for students

Case receives MSU Texas Faculty Award

Randy Case, assistant professor of Respiratory Care at Midwestern State University, was presented with the Faculty Award during the Fall 2022 Commencement Ceremony Dec. 10.

In her announcement of Case as the recipient, Karen Moriarty, associate professor of Nursing and faculty senate chair, said, “His students describe him as a caring and amazing lecturer who makes learning fun, and his idea of making learning fun might be to act like he’s having a heart attack in his classroom.”

As a professor in respiratory care, Case said he wants to share the real-life scenarios students will encounter in hospital settings. “This often means incorporating simulation and random activities that are not typically part of a college education,” Case said. “It ends up being fun for not only the students but for me as well. I put an extensive amount of work into the courses I teach because I want my students to learn as much as possible in an unconventional, energetic, and welcoming environment.”

The Faculty Award recipient is selected by the 246 members of the MSU Texas faculty at large and kept secret until commencement. When Moriarty began describing the recipient, Case said he was overwhelmed with excitement and emotion. “In all honesty, there are so many faculty members on the MSU Texas campus that pour their blood, sweat, and tears into their courses and students’ success,” Case said. “They all deserve this award as well. Receiving the Faculty Award helped me realize the importance of what I am doing. Teaching the next generation of Respiratory Therapists is what I am supposed to be doing. Winning this award is such an honor.”

This year’s Faculty Award finalists were Kyung “Lee” Gagum, assistant professor of World Languages & Cultures; Timothy Hinchman, assistant professor of Education & Reading; Andrew Katumwehe, assistant professor of Geosciences; Terry Patton, Robert Madera Distinguished Professor of Accounting; and Jonathon Quam, associate professor of Mass Communication.

The first recipient of the Faculty Award was Arthur F. Beyer in 1977.

Randy Case wins honor

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