The Vault Unlocked podcast to discuss art and research

WFMA at MSU Texas announces new podcast

The Vault Unlocked podcast to discuss art and research

The Wichita Falls Museum of Art at MSU Texas will premiere a new monthly podcast written and hosted by Associate Professor of English Todd Giles. Each month in The Vault Unlocked, Giles will delve into the collection vault for an artwork to research and discuss.

Giles’ interdisciplinary background spans a wide array of American studies topics, including the visual arts, literature, film, history, music, and philosophy. The Vault Unlocked does much more than provide the historical background of each artwork under discussion; Giles invites the listener, with a relaxed and at times humorous tone, to ponder the myriad connections that exist between the arts and ideas.

“I have enjoyed working with Dr. Giles immensely, and I always look forward to his take on each piece of work,” said WFMA Curator of Collections and Exhibitions Danny Bills. “As a curator, I find it very rewarding for a scholar to access the collection. What makes The Vault Unlocked special for our patrons is his conversational illumination beyond the image, adding another level of enjoyment to looking at art.”

Giles, who has taught at MSU Texas since 2012, has bachelor’s and masters degrees in American literature from Texas Tech University and a Ph.D. from the University of Kansas. Before returning to graduate school, he worked for seven years as a public radio classical music host in Texas, Missouri, and Kansas.

Many episodes are already available and new episodes are posted on the WFMA’s website on the first Friday of each month. Patrons can choose to either listen to the podcasts or read his essays on the art. Both can be found online at The Vault Unlocked.

For more information, contact the Wichita Falls Museum of Art at 940-397-8900 or email