Forrester named 2022 Hardin Professor

Colleges name faculty award recipients

Forrester named 2022 Hardin Professor

Dr. Robert Forrester was named Hardin Professor for 2022 during Midwestern State University’s commencement ceremony May 7. Forrester is an associate professor of finance and serves as chair of the Department of Economics, Finance, and General Business in the Dillard College of Business Administration. Hardin Professor is the highest honor bestowed upon a faculty member at the university each year.

Forrester navigated a different path to academia as his financial responsibilities and early career success tabled his college dreams. He became a highly successful business owner with his best known businesses being the Four Stars automotive dealerships. In his late-40s Forrester came to MSU Texas and earned his BBA and MBA in less than four years.

Having experienced the transformative effect of education, Forrester decided to become a professor and joined the MSU Texas faculty as a lecturer in 2010. In his first year, the Student Government Association selected Forrester as the Faculty Member of the Year. While still operating his businesses and teaching at MSU Texas, he completed a Doctorate of Business Administration from Kennesaw State University in 2014. 

Known on campus for his challenging and quantitative courses, numerous student critiques say his courses are both the hardest and best courses they’ve taken. He uses his outstanding leadership skills in roles such as department chair, university co-chair of the faculty-staff giving campaign, and as a special recruiter for the athletic department. Forrester has eight published peer-reviewed journal articles. But his focus is always on student success, which is why he does extra things like teach honor courses and create independent studies so students have the opportunity to land Wall Street jobs. 

The Hardin Foundation for Wichita County established the annual award in 1962 for a member of the MSU faculty whose teaching and research during the preceding 12 months has brought distinction to the faculty member and the institution. The award carries with it a stipend of $5,000. Forrester is the 62nd professor to receive the honor.


Annual Faculty Awards

Individual college faculty awards also were announced at commencement. These awards were decided by a committee of their peers within their respective colleges.


Dillard College of Business Administration

Excellence in Research – Dr. Scott Manley

Excellence in Teaching – Dr. John Martinez


Gordon T. & Ellen West College of Education

Excellence in Research – Dr. Janise McIntyre

Excellence in Teaching – Dr. Tara Fox


Lamar D. Fain College of Fine Arts

Excellence in Research – Dr. Bradley Wilson

Excellence in Teaching – Dr. Morgan Mallory


Robert D. & Carol Gunn College of Health Sciences & Human Services

Excellence in Research – Dr. Jessyca Wagner

Excellence in Teaching – Dr. Kimberly Platt


Prothro-Yeager College of Humanities & Social Sciences

Excellence in Research – Dr. Isaac Christiansen

Excellence in Teaching – Dr. Melissa Nivens


McCoy College of Science, Mathematics & Engineering

Excellence in Research – Dr. Eduardo Colmenares-Diaz

Excellence in Teaching – Dr. Sandra Belcher