MSU Residence Life & Housing shares communication tools in workshop with SAFB

Residence Life & Housing Director honored to partner with SAFB

MSU Residence Life & Housing shares communication tools in workshop with SAFB

For the second consecutive year, MSU Texas Residence Life & Housing presented a joint workshop with Sheppard Air Force Base on leadership development.

Residence Life & Housing director Kristi Schulte is proud of the partnership and camaraderie achieved these past two years.

“What makes this workshop effective is the communication strategies are universal,” Schulte said. “As we were wrapping up the first session (in 2021) and seeking feedback from participants, one shared how he felt reaffirmed that many of the issues he experiences in his work are similar to what we experience at MSU. Others have noted how the techniques and concepts apply in our personal and professional worlds. The learning environment is relaxed, and we share real-world experiences and examples.”

Schulte partnered with Master Sgt. Joe Siler from SAFB, a champion for leadership development. “He is an incredible partner. I appreciate the energy and enthusiasm he has for the workshop.”

The first workshop was in May 2021, a second in July 2021, and a recent one completed in March 2022. Partners from the Division of Student Affairs have served as instructors for various modules, including personality profiles, intercultural communication, and emotional intelligence.

It took Schulte back to the roots of her career spent in student leadership development. She said partnering with Sheppard during the COVID pandemic

MSU Texas and SAFB partnered in leadership workshop
MSU Texas Residence Life & Housing has teamed with Sheppard Air Force Base on leadership workshops the past two years. (Photos by Nizhoni Terronez/MSU Texas)


was a “bucket-filler” during an otherwise difficult time.

“This partnership is a great example of what can happen when we look beyond our work boundaries and maximize the resources within the greater Wichita Falls community,” she said. “Not only have we enjoyed having our colleagues from SAFB on campus, but we've also made valuable connections with base personnel who share common interests in the wellbeing and success of our students and airmen.”

The learning in the workshops were designed as building blocks. One idea lays the groundwork for the next session.

• Personality profiles, how set-points for communication influence how one gives and receives information, how to understand personal perspective when encountering communication roadblocks.

• Identifying elements of a difficult conversation while integrating active listening and assertive communication techniques.

• Intercultural communication followed by a session on emotional intelligence.

• Case studies and role-playing exercises designed to implement the week’s lesson.