MSU Texas grad accepted into competitive master’s program

Engineering student thankful for day he discovered Midwestern State

MSU Texas grad accepted into competitive master’s program

He didn’t grow up with his eyes on Texas, but MSU Texas came calling at the right time for George Nhamo.

Nhamo, who grew up in Zimbabwe, had a natural attraction to the engineering field, and he embraced the challenges at the McCoy College of Science, Mathematics & Engineering. More great opportunities are in his future as Nhamo has been accepted into the master's program in industrial engineering at Rice University.

“I was ecstatic when I opened the acceptance letter from Rice University,” Nhamo said. “I only need to see the word, ‘Congratulations,’ and that was it for me. At a certain point in my career, I knew I needed to pursue some form of higher education, but I wasn't sure when I would do it.”

Nhamo first learned of Midwestern State University when the university visited his college recruitment agency. “Coming to the United States was nowhere on my radar it was simply God’s divine plan,” Nhamo said.

As for engineering, he credits his natural curiosity. “As a child, I was always fascinated by intellectual property so I sought after a degree that fit that criteria, and mechanical engineering was the perfect fit,” Nhamo said. “It all started when I went behind the steering wheel and drove for the first time. The experience made me inquisitive as to how this piece of machinery functioned. The sophistication of the engine piqued my interest and that has driven me to where I am now.”

He enjoyed his experiences as an engineering student at MSU Texas.

“It has been a rollercoaster ride with mounting pressure to hit project deadlines and perform well in exams that would determine your continuation in the engineering program,” Nhamo said. “All in all, it was an enriching experience. It pushed me beyond the boundaries of my comfort zone into the uncomfortable and unfamiliar. The professors have been an integral part of my growth and academic excellence.”

His favorite project was summer research focused on a planetary gear system with Dr. Guy Bernard.

As he prepares for the next chapter at Rice, he shared advice for engineering students at MSU Texas. “Identify a group of study partners or friends who you can surround yourself with, and build a network of support,” Nhamo said. “These relationships will play a pivotal role in your success as an engineering student.

“As an engineering student, I understood my strengths weren't wholly leaning toward design, I was more into optimization, statistics, and supply chain management. Obtaining this degree will enable me to become a doctor of engineers per se. I would be the person who can link up several facets of the engineering discipline taking up a managerial position.”

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