Widner embraced challenges, learned to lead at Dillard College of Business Administration

Feeling right at home at MSU Texas

Widner embraced challenges, learned to lead at Dillard College of Business Administration

Midwestern State University graduate Megan Widner has some interesting advice for students following behind her. Avoid the easy path and instead, embrace the biggest challenge.

“Work towards something that may scare or intimidate you,” said Widner, who grew up in Iowa Park and felt completely at home at the Dillard College of Business Administration where she earned a BBA in Marketing.

Her advice to others is that goals that seem intimidating are the ones “that will have more significant gains. Starting on your work early on makes it a more enjoyable learning experience than rushing through to the finish.”

Megan and her husband live in Olney, Texas, where they have owned a small business for three years. Megan said graduating from her hometown university was a great experience.

“Choosing MSU was easy for me because it offers high-quality education opportunities close to home,” Megan said. “My mission during my time at MSU was to make the most of my education while simultaneously giving back to the community. Being a member of Delta Sigma Pi has allowed me a path to do this and shaped me as a business student and future leader.”

Her leadership was certainly on display in her time as a student. She was chair of fundraising, senior vice president, and the current president with Delta Sigma Pi, a professional co-ed business fraternity that offers real-world experience and education to its members. She was awarded the Epsilon Zeta chapter’s Collegiate of the Year Award through her fraternity work.

Her business fraternity experiences and her work with EURECA (Enhancing Undergraduate Research Endeavors & Creative Activities) are her fondest memories at MSU Texas. 

“After our son was born premature and I spent almost three months at Harris Methodist Hospital in Fort Worth, we closed the business down to focus on him, while also going back to school,” Megan said. “Being a guest at the Ronald McDonald House (RMHC), there was an inspiring fraternity there volunteering. Upon learning Dillard College of Business Administration had a business fraternity that partners with RMHC, it was a perfect opportunity to volunteer locally.”

Megan enjoyed meeting many great people through DSP, including those she met at the Grand Chapter Congress Conference in Atlanta. “It’s an honor to work and learn from them, and it was an unforgettable experience that only furthered networking and educational opportunities.”

Megan had the opportunity to work on two projects with her mentor, Dr. Jeff Stambaugh. They were “Commercialization Development in Low-Earth Orbit: What are the keys to sustainability?” and “Commercialization Development in Low-Earth Orbit: Beginning on Earth with the Lunar Landscape Experience.” 

“The benefits of participating in EURECA were getting hands-on training, a better understanding of contributing to knowledge, and building a tolerance for obstacles,” Megan said.

Both projects won Dillard College first place poster entries in MSU’s EURECA Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Forum for spring and fall 2020 semesters. Other honors she earned included recognition as a 2020 Library Research Scholar, and being a presenter at the Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges Midwest/West Undergraduate Research, Scholarly and Creative Activity 2020 Conference.

“Because of my first research project experience with EURECA, we were able to work with Back to Space and Jacksboro Economic Development Corporation on our second-semester project of the development of the Lunar Landscape Experience,” Megan said.

She believes working with these companies supplemented her studies with more “real-world experience” and broadened her familiarity with research.

For Megan, staying close to home while experiencing the business world at MSU Texas was a winning combination.

“The keys to my MSU success are the dynamic student-centered environment that Dillard College of Business provides, the great professors and mentors, EURECA, the support and higher standards set by Delta Sigma Pi, and my family,” she said. “I look forward to what is to come as a graduate student at MSU.”


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