Corbin Bloodworth proud of succeeding at his hometown university

Staying flexible key for Dillard College grad

Corbin Bloodworth proud of succeeding at his hometown university

Corbin Bloodworth plans to travel the world in the future, but the 2020 Outstanding Management Student and Fall 2020 Midwestern State University graduate chose his hometown school for college.

Bloodworth is from Henrietta and learned about MSU Texas from multiple family members who had attended and graduated from the school. And his parents inspired him with their belief in his abilities, he said.

“My parents inspired me because no matter what I decided to pursue, they always were in my corner and encouraged me to do everything to the best of my ability,” Corbin said. “Without them and their support, I would not be where I am today, so I dedicate my graduation to them and hope I have made them proud.”

Bloodworth said being honored as the Outstanding Management Student at Dillard College “meant a lot because it validated all the hard work and time I have put in over the past year. This award signified the dedication I put into earning exceptional grades and my classroom presence, and I’m extremely honored my professors chose me for this award.”

 Corbin Bloodworth

Corbin enjoyed many classes but said his favorite professor was Charles Ramser.

So what was his key to success at MSU Texas, especially finishing his studies in a COVID-19 world?

“Flexibility would be my key to success during these past semesters,” Corbin said. “Covid-19 changed many aspects of what we expect at the university and continues to change things to this day. I experienced many things I was unaccustomed to during these past two semesters, including having online lectures, less direct access to professors, more online material, and changes to everyday life, especially during the quarantine. However, having that flexible mindset allowed me to understand that this is a new experience for everyone and that it was up to me to adapt to this new way of learning and make the most out of it. No one knew how long we were going to be physically in class, so it was crucial to seamlessly transition online while still maintaining a level of quality work.”

His career goals, after establishing himself in a field, are to go back one day and finish his MBA and use his prior experience to elevate himself to the top of whatever company or industry he’s working in. “And hopefully, one day in my career, I will have the opportunity to travel internationally and experience many different cultures.”

As for study tips for those students who will follow him at MSU Texas, Corbin said, “I would recommend looking over your material in sections and doing a little bit every day up to your exams. I found doing a little bit over a few days is more beneficial because it eases the stress of studying the night before. You retain more information, having looked over the material multiple times.”

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