Fall 2020 EURECA scholars announced

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Fall 2020 EURECA scholars announced

The Office of Undergraduate Research has announced the MSU Texas Fall 2020 EURECA Scholars.

Fifteen projects were selected for funding. Out of the 22 scholars listed, 12 are continuing EURECA projects halted by the COVID-19 pandemic, four are continuing projects initiated in the summer UGROW program and the remaining six are new to the EURECA program.


Dillard College of Business Administration

Megan Widner – Commercialization Development in Low-Earth Orbit: What are the Keys to Sustainability? Mentor: Dr. Jeff Stambaugh, Business.

Fynne Forde, Breidy Encarnacion – The Impact of Poverty and Race on Access to Quality Hospitals. Mentor: Dr. Sarah Quintanar, Economics.


Gordon T. & Ellen West College of Education

Brittney Clarke – Pre-service Teachers’ Knowledge of Tourette syndrome. Mentor: Dr. Emily Rutherford, Special Education.

Krystan Springette – University Students Suspected of having ADD: Examining Self-Awareness and Diagnostic Instruments. Mentor: Dr. Emily Rutherford, Special Education.

Rayna Turnbo – Exploring Digital Math Games. Mentor: Dr. Dittika Gupta, Curriculum & Learning.

Baylie Bradshaw – Engaging Learners in the Social Studies Classroom through Assessment. Mentor: Dr. Suzanne Lindt, Curriculum & Learning.


Prothro-Yeager College of Humanities & Social Sciences

Siedah Charles – Grit, Conscientiousness, and Success at School and Work. Mentor: Dr. Scott Frankowski, Psychology.


McCoy College of Science, Mathematics & Engineering

Mi’kaila Billinger – Exploring Potential Roles of Bacterial Endophytes in Plants during Environmental Stress. Mentor: Dr. Magaly Rincón-Zachary, Plant Biology.

Dianna Daniel, Ryan Smith – Utilize Membrane Protein Chaperone as a Treatment to Ameliorate Tau Protein Aggregation. Mentor: Dr. Fu-Cheng Liang, Chemistry.

Christopher Sun – Applying Membrane Protein Chaperone as Therapeutics to Prevent Amyloid Beta Aggregation. Mentor: Dr. Fu-Cheng Liang, Chemistry.

Bryan Heilman, Sharome Burton – Unmanned Arial Vehicle for Search & Rescue Applications. Mentor: Dr. Yu Guo. Engineering.

Kuwin Wyke, Abegail Henderson – Robotic Soccer using AI. Mentor: Dr. Yu Guo. Engineering.

Samuel Campbell, Henry Steele – Autonomous Control Systems in High Power Rocketry. Mentor: Dr. Yu Guo. Engineering.

Germiamah Junkere, Chad Simeon – Salt Ion Removal from a Brine Solution. Mentor: Dr. Salim Azzouz.

Christopher Alexis, Trevon Antoine – Multiphase Flow in Pipelines. Mentor: Dr. Mahmoud Elsharafi.


For more information contact Undergraduate Research Director Magaly Rincón-Zachary or Julie Scales, secretary. Also visit msutexas.edu/eureca.