Acquisition of land sets in motion plan to expand student programming

Regents approve purchase of Midwestern Parkway property

Acquisition of land sets in motion plan to expand student programming

MSU Texas took another step forward in its master plan to address the physical space needs for support of its students and programs. In November, at its quarterly meeting, the MSU Texas Board of Regents authorized the administration to finalize the purchase of property located at 2733 Midwestern Parkway.

This new Midwestern Parkway property, located at the southeast corner of Maplewood and Midwestern Parkway, will be renovated to accommodate procurement services and the central warehouse in line with a number of promising changes to the campus. Acquisition of the property allows MSU to set in momsu-texas-logo.pngtion a phased approach to convert the Daniel Building located in the heart of campus into the much-anticipated Bridwell Activities Center. Last year, the University began construction of a new facilities complex located at the corner of Louis J. Rodriguez Drive and Hampstead Lane that will house the core maintenance and facilities operations moving out of Daniel.

Once the relocation of the facilities operation is complete, the first phase of the activities center will begin to provide space for four large Greek suites that will be known as the Cannedy Greek Commons.

“We are excited to see the transformation of our campus as we contribute to our vibrant learning environment and our reputation as a destination residential university,” said MSU Texas President Suzanne Shipley. “The purchase of this property allows us to expand our presence along Midwestern Parkway in order to open new possibilities in our historic campus core.”

Funding for the first phase of the activities center is made possible through a leadership gift from the J.S. Bridwell Foundation that was first announced in 2018. Funds from university reserves will be used to purchase the property at Midwestern Parkway. The total purchase price of the Midwestern Parkway property was $3.5 million. In addition, the University received gift commitments totaling $529,000 to assist in the purchase.

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