Accounting major Amanda Threlkeld gained new perspective on life, culture and priorities

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Accounting major Amanda Threlkeld gained new perspective on life, culture and priorities

Amanda Threlkeld grew up in Wichita Falls and then stayed home for college by choosing MSU Texas. But she also had a desire for adventure and new experiences.

“Every summer we’d take a weekend vacation to some state; I’ve probably been to half of the states,” Threlkeld said. She always made her dad stop so she could take a picture of a new state she could check off her list.

But Study Abroad was a new experience, first in Grenada and then she took the plunge a second time by going to London.

“I gained a new perspective, and it opened my horizons,” Threlkeld said. “I went to Grenada first. The class focused on global health and wellness. So I really looked into the food, nutrition, water, and vaccines.”

As an accounting major and the Clark Scholar winner in 2019, she studied business and research methods in London. “We researched five fields, but I also got to immerse in the European lifestyle, which is a little bit different than American. I truly saw that what we’re learning in class can be transferred (to business). It broadened my perspective in many areas.”

Dr. Michael Mills, Global Education Office Director, says the Study Abroad students many lessons about life as they do academics. Both are beneficial. Learning how to obtain a passport is a challenge for many. That was true for Threlkeld plus more education on budgeting time, meals, money, and priorities.

“As far as food goes I was very strategic about it,” she said. “I got a bunch of bananas and granola bars and that was my breakfast. And I had a late lunch that I could split into two for dinner. I would go to class and then have to plan that I had this long for dinner and then I have this much time to study and sleep. It was making sure I was in class on time and doing my homework, but also going to explore. It was a lot of structure and time management.”

Threlkeld's advice for students thinking about Study Abroad? “Just go for it!"

“When they say you’re not going to know until you get there, they are right, you're not going to know until you get there," Threlkeld said. "Going through classes and learning their culture at the same time is life-changing. I would say jump in and go for it."

MSU Texas business class photo in Faversham
MSU Texas' business class poses for a photo at Shepherd Neame with the CEO, Jonathan Neame, during a site visit to learn about barriers to entry in foreign markets for the 2019 London Study Abroad. (photo/courtesy)


This sharing Study Abroad series is in celebration of International Education Week.

The Study Abroad program at Midwestern State University has allowed hundreds of students to experience learning in a unique setting.

The program set a record with 146 students in 2019. The majority participated in classes in London (104), followed by Grenada (23), Spain (15), and France (4). Prague will be added in 2020.

The participation for London has surpassed 90 students in three of the last four years. The highest enrollment for Spain was 23 in 2018.

Dr. Michael Mills is the International Education Director at Midwestern State University.

MSU Texas offers students in all disciplines the opportunity to take advantage of academically based programs in France, Spain, and England. Language-based programs in Spain and France are available during summer I. The program in London during summer II offers numerous classes in a variety of academic disciplines. Students interested in the sciences can participate in a short course in Central America with a focus on biology, botany, and environmental science. Scholarships and financial aid are available for all programs.

Dr. Michael Mills with a group from MSU Texas Study Abroad
Dr. Michael Mills with a group from MSU Texas Study Abroad. (A J Lopez III, MSU Texas)


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