Wichita Mountains topic of next Faculty Forum by Hardin Professor Price

Hardin Professor next Faculty Forum speaker

Wichita Mountains topic of next Faculty Forum by Hardin Professor Price

The upcoming Faculty Forum will feature Hardin Professor honoree Jonathan Price at 7 p.m. Monday, October 14, in Legacy Hall's Multipurpose Room. Price is Chair & Prothro Distinguished Associate Professor of Geological Science in the McCoy College of Science, Mathematics & Engineering’s Kimbell School of Geosciences.

Price’s talk is titled "The Wichita Mountains: new findings from old rocks. A non-technical presentation on insights about the region’s geology." The presentation will cover relevant background and recent efforts by Price, his co-investigators, and students on the pathway and timing of magma movement, as well as the dynamic processes that formed the mountains we see today.

"The Wichita Mountains provide dramatic ruggedness to the relatively gentle topography of the rolling plains," Price said. "Perhaps more impressively, its granites and related rocks are a time capsule of the region’s geologic past. The rocks also speak to the origin and fate of magmas and the geologic developments that ultimately define the shape and surface of Texas and Oklahoma."

Price was named Hardin Professor for 2019 during the May commencement ceremony. Hardin Professor is the highest honor bestowed upon a faculty member at the university each year.

Jonathan Price

Faculty Forum is a monthly showcase for the research and creative endeavors of the Midwestern State University faculty. It is an opportunity for the campus and Wichita Falls communities to learn, engage, and sometimes discuss the novel ideas and explorations of the talented individuals who teach, discover, and create at MSU.

Admission is free and open to all. For more information email Price or call 940-397-4288.