Undergraduate Research announces Spring 2017 EURECA Awards

Undergraduate Research announces Spring 2017 EURECA Awards



The Office of Undergraduate Research has announced the spring 2017 EURECA funded students, projects and, mentors. 


College of Science and Mathematics
Suman Bhandari, Israel Ezeodum and Kyle Gordon

"Using the Fourth-Order Runge-Kutta Method to Determine the Dynamic Response of a Free Vibrating Laminated Composite Shallow Shell Panel"

Mentor: Dr. Salim Azzouz


Alexandria Weiskircher

"Mineral and Textural Assessment of the Quanah Margin Granites in the Wichita Mountains, Oklahoma"

Mentor: Dr. Jonathan Price


Jomarie Leblanc, Chiedza Tokonyai and Adanna Okoye

"Dynamic Contact Angle Measurements"

Mentors: Drs. Mahmoud Elsharafi and Jeong Tae Ok


Rojitha Goonesekere

"Enhancing the student learning experience through an intuitive Learning Management System"

Mentors: Drs. Yu Guo and Bingyang Wei


Sachithra Weerasooriya

"Investigating the Nature of Dwarf Spiral Galaxies"

Mentor: Dr. Jackie Dunn


Denzel Martin, Cody Lane Chancellor and Reuben Denwe

"Viscosity Measurements for Various Mixed Fluids Used to Enhance Oil Recovery"

Mentor: Dr. Mahmoud Elsharafi


Jared W. Steger

"2-D to 3-D Analysis of Mineral Hopper Structure Using a Bismuth Metal Analog"

Mentor: Dr. Jonathan Price


Michael Arthur Olaya and Michael Arthur Sweeting

"Electron-Positron Scattering"

Mentor: Dr. Preet Sharma


Bethany Russell

"Mechanisms of Reversion to erythromycin-Susceptibility by erythromycin-Resistant Bacteria"

Mentors: Drs. James Masuoka and Jon Scales


Amber Quevy

"Petrological Analysis of the Quanah Dikes, Wichita Mountains, Oklahoma"

Mentor: Dr. Jonathan Price


Tharusha Wanigasekera and Janith Ambewela

"Active Damping Using Pistons with Smart Fluid"

Mentor: Dr. Sheldon Wang


Chanuka Perera, Ravi Prasanth Baskaran and Sarinda De Mel

"Structural Analyses of a Large Deployable Shelter"

Mentor: Dr. Sheldon Wang


Xitong Li, Huiluo Chen and Mpathi Nzima

"Intelligent Robotics using Computer Vision"

Mentor: Drs. Yu Guo and Bingyang Wei


Zeltzin Reyes, Rojitha Goonesekere and Don Wijesinghe

"Automatic Piloting of a Drone"

Mentor: Dr. Yu Guo


Kanayo B. Oji

"Survivor Models in the Josephus Problem"

Mentor: Dr. Marcos Lopez


Enaho Atamenwan, Abdullah Albakhurji and Paul Yacho

"MSU Smart Parking"

Mentor: Dr. Yu Guo


Kiran Chapagain and Corbin Matamoros

"Computational Study of Film Boiling Droplet Motion on Micro- and Nanoscale Ratchets"

Mentors: Drs. Jeong Tae Ok, Sheldon Wang, Yu Guo Mahmoud Elsharafi


Sean Aleman

"Optimizing Aquaponic Systems"

Mentors: Drs. Dale McDonald and Michael Shipley


Melissa Rose

"Effect of Growth Temperature on Cell Surface Hydrophobicity of Candida albicans"

Mentors: Drs. James Masuoka and Jon Scales


Chiara Del Vecchio and Dorcas Matuwana

"Identification of Antibiotic Activity from Fungal Symbionts of Native Texas Plants."

Mentor: Dr. James Masuoka


Meaghan Rose, Salvatore Capotosto and Mutandwe Machemedze

"Bacterial Endophytes in Seeds with High Melatonin Content: Survival Implications"

Mentor: Dr. Magaly Rincon-Zachary


College of Science and Mathematics and West College of Education

Chenai Sukume and Constance Anih Nchetachukwe

"Making Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Attractive to Females Using Growth Mindset Strategies"

Mentor: Dr. Denise Simmons


Dillard College of Business

Luca Lalor

"Methods of Generating Alpha from FX Trading using Technical Analysis"

Mentors: Drs. Qian Li and Jeffrey Hood


Hettiyadura Shehan Karunaratne

"Benford's Law Application: Case of Elections in Sri Lanka"

Mentor: Dr. Agim Kukeli


Evan Knobloch

"Matched-Pair Analysis of Single-Bond Occupational Credit Unions and Multi-Bond Credit Unions: A Pre- and Post-2008 Recessionary Analysis"

Mentors: Drs. Robert Forrester and John Martinez


Hezekiah Agbo

"Hedging Risk in Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF) - A Pedagogical Analysis and Report"

Mentors: Drs. Robert Forrester and John Martinez


Addison Thompson and Nemanja Krtolica

"The Economic Impact of Midwestern State University on the Local Region"

Mentors: Drs. Robert Forrester and John Martinez


Karema Sallam

"Empirical Investigation of Economic Growth in North African Countries: The Effect of Pre- and Post- Arab Spring"

Mentor: Dr. Agim Kukeli


Wadzanai Dzvurumi and Matthew Matlock

"Hotter Than Hell Hundred Project: Quantitative Section"

Mentors: Dr. Niyati Kataria and Dr. Jeff Stambaugh


Simon Ospina

"Remittances and Economic Growth in Developing Countries: The Impact of Human Capital"

Mentor: Dr Pablo A Garcia-Fuentes


Dillard College of Business and Prothro-Yeager College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Weiwei Chen and Randy Lopez

"Chinese-Cuban Identity Ethnography: An Exploratory Study"

Mentors: Dr. Beverly Stiles, Mr. Newman Wong and Dr. Claudia Montoya


Careisha Whyte

"Evaluating the ethical awareness of accounting students in the Dillard College of Business Administration"

Mentor: Dr. Ronald Young


Wadzanai Dzvurumi, Careisha Whyte and Jerrod Tofte

"Young Professionals of Wichita Falls Project"

Mentors: Dr. Niyati Kataria and Mr. Newman Wong


Lamar D. Fain College of Fine Arts
Zack Shanks

"Seeing Depression with the Naked Eye"

Mentors: Ms. Catherine Prose and Mr. Gary Goldberg


Robin Reid

"Teaching Students to Write: What Works?"

Mentor: Dr. Mitzi Lewis


Kalli Root

"Researching Theatrical Constellations: Dramaturgy and Audience Response"

Mentor: Dr. Karen Dabney


Aaron Campbell, Emma Griffiths and Selena Mize

"Taking a Portable Color Printmaking/Painting Studio to the ISA Universidad de las Artes, School of Visual Arts, in Havana, Cuba to Create an Exchange Exhibition hosted by the Juanita Harvey School of Visual Arts"

Mentor: Dr. Liz Yarosz-Ash


Katherine Pendergrass and Nahye Byun

"BEAD no R Composition Project for Hunger and Homelessness"

Mentor: Dr. Ruth Morrow


Prothro-Yeager College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Luke Allen

"The Sanity of Suicide Bombers: Mental Health and the Suicide Terrorism"

Mentor: Dr. Steve Garrison


Robert D. Carol Gunn College of Health Sciences & Human Services

Phillip Carr

"The Effect of Body Art on Digital Radiographic Quality"

Mentors: Drs. Robert Comello, Beth Veale and Ms. Mandy Sedden


Camille Khan

"Imaging Technology in Military Conflict: 1920-Present Day"

Mentor: Dr. Robert Comello


West College of Education

Macy Miles

"Impact of Undergraduate Research Experience on MISL"

Mentors: Drs. Angela Cartwright, Janise McIntyre and Stacia Miller


Laura Sorge and Francine Baron

"Exploring Student's Perceived Benefits of Learning CommunitiesàGoing Deeper"

Mentor: Dr. Kym Acuna


Tamra Woods and Jocelyn Brown

"The effect of STEAM units on Pre-service Teacher's Self-efficacy"

Mentor: Dr. Dittika Gupta