MSU Students to Present Research at National Conference

MSU Students to Present Research at National Conference

Forty-one Midwestern State University undergraduate students have been selected to present their research and creative activities at the 31st annual National Conference on Undergraduate Research April 6-8 at the University of Memphis.


The students and their research topics were chosen from more than 4,000 submissions and each demonstrates a unique contribution to the student's field of study. The opportunity to present work to peers, faculty and staff nationwide is one of the highlights of participating in undergraduate research at Midwestern State University.


College of Science and Mathematics
Suman Bhadari and Chanuka Perera

"Sodium and Chloride Mapping in Saltwater"

Mentor: Dr. Salim Azzouz


Cody Chancellor, Reuben Denwe, Cameron Duckworth, Zhiqi Mao, Moiz Tatla and Okan Lafleur

"Heat Transfer Technology to Convert Plastic Trash to Oil Fuel"

Mentors: Dr. Mahmoud Elsharafi, Dr. Salim Azzouz and Dr. Sheldon Wang


Zeltzin Reyes, Rojitha Goonesekere and Don Wijesinghe

"Auto Piloting a Drone using Computer Vision"

Mentor: Dr. Yu Guo


Gael Gonzalaz-Peltier

"Synthesis, Electrochemistry and Spectroscopic Characterizations of Substituted Metallo-bis-dipyrromethene Complexes"
Mentors: Dr. Chris Hansen and Dr. Jianguo Shao


Xin Hu

"Control of Asymmetric Periodic Motion in a Duffing Oscillatory Circuit"

Mentor: Dr. Yu Guo


Enaho Atamenwan, Abdullah Albakhurji and Paul Yacho

"A Smart Parking System"

Mentor: Dr. Yu Guo


Qianying He and Yaning Liu

"Prevalence of Pathogenic Bacteria in Migratory Birds and Transfer to Local Waterfowl"

Mentor: Dr. James Masuoka


Meaghan Rose

"Bacterial Endophytes in Seeds with High and Low Melatonin Content: Survival Implications"

Mentor: Dr. Magaly Rincon-Zachary


Xitong Li, Huiluo Chen and Mpathi Nzima

"Intelligent Robotics using Computer Vision"

Mentors: Dr. Yu Guo and Dr. Bingyang Wei


Bethany Russell

"Reversing Chromosomal Antibiotic Resistance"

Mentors: Dr. James Masuoka and Dr. Jon Scales


Kyle Gordon, Israel Ezeodum and Suman Bhandari

"Large Deflection Non-linear Coefficients of a Free Vibrating Laminated Composite Shallow Shell Panel"

Mentor: Dr. Salim Azzouz


West College of Education

Bridget Alaniz

"The Effect of Teaching Strategies on Student Engagement in High School Science"

Mentor: Dr. Suzanne Lindt


Francine Baron and Laura Sorge

"Student's Perceptions of the Benefits of Learning Communities"

Mentor: Dr. Kym Acuna


Jocelyn Brown and Tamra Woods

"The Impact of STEAM Units on Pre-service Teachers' Self-efficacy"

Mentor: Dr. Dittika Gupta


Dillard College of Business

Luca Lalor

"Methods of Generating Alpha from FX Trading using Technical Analysis: Evidence from Algorithmic Simulations"

Mentor: Dr. Jeffrey Hood


Rodrigo Mireles and Conney Vargas

"Oxen as draft animals in the agricultural system of Nicaragua"

Mentors: Dr. Pablo Garcia-Fuentes and Dr. Yoshi Fukusawa


Lamar D. Fain College of Fine Arts

Aaron Campbell, Emma Griffiths, Selena Mize and Tiffany Thoes

"Taking a Portable Color Printmaking/Painting Studio to the ISA Universidad de las Artes, School of Visual Arts, in Havana, Cuba to Create an Exchange Exhibition hosted by the Juanita Harvey School of Visual Arts"

Mentor: Elizabeth Yarosz-Ash


Robert D. Carol Gunn College of Health Sciences & Human Services

Delize Paul, Cindy Urdiera-Reves, Kinisha Morris and Estrealla Cruz

"International Students' Acculturation and Adjustment to College"

Mentor: Dr. Packiaraj Arumugham