MSU Mass Comm Students Receive Statewide Recognition

A Midwestern State University Mass Communication student placed in on-site competitions, and the campus media and senior documentaries received 27 awards at the annual Texas Intercollegiate Press Association convention held March 31-April 2 in Dallas.

Courtney Gilder, a senior in mass communication with a minor in public relations/advertising, received an honorable mention in PR Release Writing.

The three MSU students who attended competed in 12 on-site competitions ranging from TV News Writing to Yearbook Design and also attended some of the 35 workshop sessions offered on subjects from leadership to sports photography.

Approximately 500 students from nearly 50 schools attended the conference as did Dr. Jim Sernoe, Mass Communication department chair, and Dr. Bradley Wilson, assistant professor. Sernoe taught a session on media law titled "Seeing What They Don't Want You to See" and Wilson taught two sessions, one on copyright and photojournalism, and one on photojournalistic ethics.

In addition to on-site competitions at the convention, TIPA recognized the senior documentaries produced as part of the class taught by Sernoe, and work published last year as part of Campus Watch, the Wai-Kun yearbook or The Wichitan in the contests for previously submitted work in their respective divisions.

First place, in-depth reporting: Robert Williams and Emmi Wilson - "The Changing Face of MWSU"

First place, feature photo: Rachel Johnson - "Cold"

First place, feature story: Kristina Abeyta - "Dalquest"

First place, sports news story: Matt Jobe - "Volleyball"

Second place, feature photo: Francisco Martinez - "Cardboard boat"

Second place, news feature story: Jacob Smith - "Carson"

Third place, general column: Kara McIntyre - "Depression"

Third place, in-depth reporting: Kara McIntyre and Bryson Peterson - "Enrollment"

Third place, photo illustration: Rachel Johnson and Lauren Roberts - "Money"

Third place, special edition: Robert Williams and Emmi Wilson - "The Changing Face of MWSU"

Third place, sports feature photo: Francisco Martinez - "Brotherhood 1"

Third place, sports feature story: Jessalyn Castro - "Flores"

Third place, news photo: Francisco Martinez - "Dominica"

Honorable mention, critical review: Brianna Sheen - "Taco"

Honorable mention, sports page design: Brianna Sheen and Francisco Martinez - "Tourney"

Honorable mention, sports action photo: Rachel Johnson - "Soccer"

Honorable mention, sports action photo: Rachel Johnson - "Swishes4Wishes"

Honorable mention, page one design: Brianna Sheen - "Cold"

First place, online breaking news package: Ethan Metcalf, Lauren Roberts, Eddie Miller, Courtney Gilder - "Campus Open After Bomb Threat"

First place, online best recurring podcast: Ethan Metcalf - "Presidential Ponderings"

Second place, television production: Kelly Calame, Mark Campbell, Marija Jovanovich, Kayla Norris - "The Bier From Here"

Honorable mention, television public affairs program: Blake Muse, Paden Lemons, Amber Moore-Mentavlos - "The Last Chapter"

First place, yearbook feature photo: Amber Moore-Mentavlos

Second place, yearbook cover design: Amber Moore-Mentavlos

Second place, yearbook title page: Amber Moore-Mentavlos

Second place, yearbook overall excellence: Amber Moore-Mentavlos and Shelby Davis

Honorable mention, yearbook feature/student life: Amber Moore-Mentavlos