MSU programs rank high on best-of university lists

MSU programs rank high on best-of university lists

Midwestern State University is ranked in the top 10 of four best-of university lists, including a second-place nationwide ranking for its master's program in psychology and a third place for its health services administration master's degree.

Best Masters in Psychology ranked MSU at second in its Most Affordable Small Colleges for a Master's Degree in Psychology 2016 list. The website notes that MSU's master's program in Clinical/Counseling Psychology is one of only two programs in Texas that are nationally accredited by the Masters in Psychology and Counseling Accreditation Council. This program is primarily designed to prepare students to become master's level clinicians, but also provides the knowledge and experience required to enter a doctoral program.

The ranking was developed using data for tuition and enrollment from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) College Navigator database. The complete list may be found at

GoGrad assigned MSU's master's program in Health Services Administration a third-place ranking in its nationwide listing of universities. MSU scored a 96.95 compared to top-ranked East Tennessee State University's 98.3. MSU was the only Texas university in the top 15.

GoGrad teams collected and analyzed data from government sources as well as hundreds of colleges and universities to identify the best not-for-profit, online graduate programs to determine which programs offered students the best combination of academic quality, accommodation, guidance and affordability. For master's program rankings, public or private universities that offered an online degree in a related subject area were scored by the number of online graduate degrees available in the related subject area, the graduate tuition, the availability of academic and career counseling services, availability of job placement services, and compared according to the GoGrad Peer-Based Value to determine the overall value of the online degree.

The complete list may be found at

Accredited Schools Online ranked MSU ninth in its listing of Best Online Colleges in Texas. The organization analyzed data from colleges with online degrees at the bachelor's level with the goal of determining which colleges offer the most notable balances of academic rigor, student support, and affordability for online learning.

Data analysts and college experts developed a proprietary scoring system to rank these colleges based on various cost-to-quality criteria and metrics. This proprietary metric compares qualitative aspects of colleges with similar costs against the tuition of colleges with similar quality metrics. The general criteria and scoring metrics included factors such as must be a not-for-profit institution, the number of online bachelor's degrees available, the student-faculty ratio, loan default rate, job placement and career counseling for graduates, online tuition rate, and six-year graduation rate.

MSU scored 96.77 in the ranking, only 1.87 points behind the top-ranked school.

Accredited Schools Online also ranked MSU 11th of 42 Texas schools in Best for Women in Technology. Schools with male to female student ratios that mirror the ratio of the overall student population were compared in the listing. Other factors included mentorship programs that connect women who are working toward the same goals. Role models, conferences, and centers focused on women in technology are further ways many of the top schools encourage women to enter the tech industry.

See the complete lists at

Best Master of Science in Nursing Degrees ranked Midwestern State University at 10th in a nationwide list of the 30 Most Affordable Online Nurse Educator Programs 2016. The ranking was created using data from the NCES College Navigator and narrowed to nursing schools offering an online advanced degree in nurse education. Schools were then sorted by estimated in-state tuition and fees.

The complete list may be found at

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