Students achieve 100-percent pass rate on national certification exam

Midwestern State University's Wilson School of Nursing announced that students who took the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners Certification exam achieved a 100-percent pass rate.

"The Wilson School of Nursing is very proud of our Family Nurse Practitioner Program and these results are a direct reflection of the faculty we have teaching in the program," Family Nurse Practitioner Program Coordinator Dr. Debra Walker said. "It's a rigorous program but what contributes to our students' success are the excellent preceptors they have had for their clinical experiences. Most of those preceptors are either full-time faculty or adjunct faculty at MSU." Students are required to take several mock certification exams in their last semester of clinical along with an oral comprehensive clinical exam.

The program has had a 100-percent pass rate for the past seven years. In addition to all 19 students passing the test, the MSU students' average score of 613 was higher than the national average of 583. MSU students scored higher than the national average in each of the four categories of assessment, diagnosis, planning, and evaluation.

Nurse practitioners are registered nurses who have completed an advanced degree with training in specialized areas such as family practice or family psychiatric mental health.