University Earns Reaffirmation of Accreditation from SACS

University Earns Reaffirmation of Accreditation from SACS

Midwestern State University (MSU) is pleased to announce the successful reaffirmation of its accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACS). The Commission reaffirmed MSU's accreditation with no additional measures being required.

“This is a significant accomplishment for Midwestern State University,” said University President Dr. Jesse W. Rogers. “Few schools are reaffirmed for accreditation without some type of follow-up reporting. I am proud of the university-wide effort to complete this reaffirmation process.”

The university's reaffirmation is the result of concentrated efforts on the part of numerous individuals over the past six years. The process included a reaffirmation report that responded to more than 90 standards used to assess the university and student learning objectives, the development of a quality enhancement plan (QEP) that addressed one or more issues contributing to enhancement of student learning, and a focus report that responded to an offsite committee report. In addition, the university played host to an onsite review committee this past April comprised of faculty from SACS institutions.

As a result of the QEP, the university has developed and implemented the EURECA program (Enhancing Undergraduate Research Endeavors and Creative Activities). The onsite review committee was complimentary of MSU's efforts to develop and sustain this student learning initiative.

“Credit goes to many of our faculty and staff who submitted information throughout the accreditation process. This was truly a university effort,” said Dr. Robert E. Clark, Vice President for Administration and Institutional Effectiveness and MSU's SACS Liaison. “In addition, our faculty and students have developed in the QEP what I believe to be one of the most innovative and important plans for the future of this university.”

Today's accreditation process requires continuing institutional effectiveness measurements and strategic planning. “Program assessment is no longer about just submitting final grades,” said Clark. “It requires learning objectives and ongoing evaluation of those objectives. We continually monitor institutional effectiveness and work toward improvement. A component of our mission is to demonstrate that we are indeed doing what we say we are doing.”

As accredited members of SACS, all institutions are required to undergo a review for reaffirmation of accreditation every 10 years. Midwestern will be subject to a required five-year review in 2018 and review for reaffirmation in 2023.