Student Spotlight: Reed Chapman

Student Spotlight: Reed Chapman

At the age of 15, while most kids are focused on learning to drive, Reed Chapman was enrolling for classes at Midwestern State University. Reed has been on the fast track since second grade.

It was at that time that Reed was offered the opportunity to take classes with older students at Christ Academy. He began with sixth-grade math and science, and he continued to take advanced classes throughout elementary. "When I started high school I was 11 years old, 77 pounds, and couldn't pass for anything more than a teacher's kid," said Reed. By the time Reed graduated from Rider High School in 2011, he had already earned 41 college credit hours.

Reed has continued to excel at Midwestern State University. He entered with enough credit to classify as a sophomore and jumped right into higher education as a full-time student. Reed is an accounting major and member of the Honors Program and completed his first semester by making the President's Honor Roll.

Dr. Michael Vandehey, Director of the Honors Program and Psychology professor at MSU, taught Reed in his General Psychology Honors Course in the fall. "What's neat about Reed is that he is quiet but introspective. He always thinks about the material being offered and processes it before he speaks. I found him to be mature, thoughtful, and motivated," said Vandehey.

However, Reed's superior drive and intellect are not his only intriguing qualities. Reed's passion has always been to help others. As a 10-year-old, he became involved in Christ Academy's program for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. He worked with 4- and 5-year-old children to help them improve their social and communication skills. "The most important part was to be their friend," Reed said. He continued to serve as a volunteer while attending high school.

His commitment and volunteerism earned Reed a nomination in the youth category for the 2008 Jefferson Award for outstanding community service. At the time he was 12 years old. Reed won the award and later represented Wichita Falls at the nation's capital. Recently, Reed has been working with Christ Academy and Vandehey to set up a project in which he will help manage the school accounts. This service will count as the internship that is required to graduate as a member of the Honors Program.

Perhaps the most impressive attribute Reed possesses is his humility. He attributes all of his success and opportunities to God. Some would argue that he has missed out on an essential part of his childhood, but he assures that he would not have done a thing differently. He looks at every opportunity as a platform to spread the God's word. Vandehey describes Reed as having "a strong moral and value system. He understands where he is at in his belief system and is able to openly share his point of view."

After graduating from MSU Reed hopes to attend seminary at Dallas Theological or Southwestern Baptist University and continue his passion for helping others and spreading the Gospel.
Story by Haley Hall
Office of Marketing and Public Information