DCOBA Students Score in Top 10 Percent on Major Field Test

Thirteen students in the Dillard College of Business Administration scored in the top 10 percent of all business graduates across the United States on the Educational Testing Service Major Field Test. Major field tests are comprehensive assessments designed to gauge the critical knowledge and understanding obtained by students in their degree field.

 "We are indeed proud of our Dillard College students' achievements on this test. It is unusual that a college of our size would have this number of students scoring in the top 10 percent nationally," said Dr. Barbara Nemecek, Dean of Dillard College.

Undergraduate students are Frank Alexander (Finance), Caleb Carmichael (Management), Kyle Christian (Economics and Finance), Chad Downend (Management), Trung Hoang (Management), Kayla Hupp (Accounting), Chad Gore (Marketing), Shevonne Lewis (Accounting and Finance), Ebenezer Olaleye (Accounting and Management Information Systems), and Kimberly Titus (Accounting). Graduate students are Jim Harrison, Matthew Jaramillo, and Jessica Owens.