Report: MSU has significant influence on regional economy

Report: MSU has significant influence on regional economy

In a report handed out to members of the Wichita Falls City Council Tuesday, Yoshi Fukasawa, Professor of Economics, and John Martinez, Director of the Bureau of Business and Government Research, say Midwestern State University con­tributes about 6.2 percent of the metropolitan area's gross regional product.

The Economic Impact of Midwestern State University on the Wichita Falls Area: Academic Year 2010-2011 shows the university's various sourc­es of revenue brought in $88,500,892. Tuition and fees accounted for about $30 million of that while state funding produced another $31 billion. The rest came from a variety of federal and other funding. MSU employs 724 full-­time workers and 795 part­-time workers, creating more than $37 million in wages and salaries in 2010-11.

The report also showed the university spent nearly $36 million for expenses ranging from utilities and supplies to repairs and in­surance.

According to the report, MSU also adds to tour­ism. Fig­ures from 2010-11 showed more than 36,000 people from outside Wichita Falls visited the campus for events ranging from the Artist-Lecture Series to athletic events. The athletic program alone had an $11 million impact, the report said.

"This study does not ac­count for the university's indirect role in attracting firms and workers from other communities," the report said. "Midwestern State University, through its business centers, often serves as a stimulus for economic development through such programs as Idea Wichita Falls."

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