Cost for trip to conference? $0. Experience gained? Priceless.

When Midwestern State University's Assistant Professor of Radiology Dr. Lynette Watts is inducted as president of the Texas Society of Radiologic Technologists during its annual meeting March 9-10, at least 25 members of the MSU Radiology Club will be on hand to cheer for their professor. The cost for their conference registration, meals, lodging and gas to Conroe, Texas? Hard work and ingenuity. To make the trip as painless to the pocketbook as possible on its members, the group set about finding ways to raise money so that those who wanted to go, could.

According to MSU Radiology Club president Heather Johnson, the club has raised a total of $4,216.46 through T-shirt sale donations, bake sales, and other means. The group won the homecoming competition last fall that carried a prize of $700, and they will receive assistance from the Student Organization and the Student Leadership funds.

Watts is excited to know that so many of her MSU students will be at the conference. "I am so honored that the Radiology Club and faculty advisor Sheree Phifer want to be at TSRT to support me," she said. "My brief induction speech is going to be about the future of TSRT and our profession - the students who sit in the room are the ones who motivate me to keep doing what I'm doing as a radiologic technologist and educator."

Aside from being at the Montgomery Campus of Lone Star College in Conroe to support Watts, Johnson said that it was important for as many to attend as possible for the learning experience of the seminars and to make contacts in the professional world. Many of the students attending have entered the scientific exhibition competition also.

Phifer said that this year's club leaders have worked hard to encourage members. "The leaders of the Radiology Club have energy to motivate its members to be active in all club activities," Phifer said. "They work as a team and have the support of the Radiologic Sciences faculty, who are proud of their success."

Other fundraising sources include Wichita Falls businesses Fuzzy's Tacos and Chili's, each of whom donated 10 percent of a recent night's proceeds. Coming up March 3, local bands Louis Lewis and Attebury Blueprint will perform at the Iron Horse Pub and donate cover charges to the Radiology Club. The group still needs approximately $562 to completely cover all travel-related expenses.

Johnson said that the diverse fundraising ideas were a group effort. "We tossed ideas out and whichever ones stood out, we went with," she said. A side benefit to participation in the different activities was the fellowship the group experienced, especially during homecoming. "The homecoming competition in the fall was good for the camaraderie of the group," Johnson said. "We got to know each other outside of class."