Hoggard Earns Recognition in Prominent Texas Organizations

Hoggard Earns Recognition in Prominent Texas Organizations

In one month's time James Hoggard, Perkins-Prothro Distinguished Professor of English at Midwestern State University, has earned honors from two prominent organizations in Texas.

Hoggard was invited for membership into the prestigious Philosophical Society of Texas that is limited to only 200 members. The group first formed in 1837 when the Republic of Texas was in its infancy and was revived in 1936 during preparation for the state's centennial celebration. The Society establishes research and fosters preservation of literary, scientific, and philosophical studies and documents.

"Jim's induction into the Philosophical Society is a mark of distinction. He joins some of the brightest minds in our state," said Dr. Jesse Rogers, MSU President.

In addition, Hoggard was also named a fellow for the Texas Institute of Letters (TIL). Fellows are elected unanimously by the council and past presidents. The nonprofit organization was formed in 1936, also during the Texas Centennial, by a group of Texas writers with the purpose to be "the stimulation of interest in Texas letters, the recognition of distinctive achievement in the field, and the promotion of fellowship among those especially interested in the literary and cultural development of the state."

W.K. "Kip" Stratton, TIL secretary, wrote this upon Hoggard's nomination for fellow: "I can think of no one in the history of TIL who has given more of himself or herself to the organization as Jim has done over the past 35 years. àHis wise council continually helps to form and inform the TIL."

Hoggard was inducted into the TIL in 1977 and has since served twice as the organization's president and currently presides as treasurer. He was awarded the group's Lon Tinkle Award in 2005 for excellence throughout a career and has received other awards for poetry, short fiction, journalism, and literary translation.

"This is a signal achievement for Jim. He is the first fellow we have named in a decade," said TIL President Darwin Payne.

Since 1964 Hoggard has published more than 400 essays, poems, stories, and translations in major publications and authored 20 books. His work has been published both nationally and internationally, and he has received numerous awards for his writing. Hoggard has taught literature and creative writing at Midwestern since 1966.