Dillard College of Business Administration to Ring in New Investment Lab

Dillard College of Business Administration to Ring in New Investment Lab

When the bell rings at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday, May 3, in the Dillard College of Business Administration, it will not only signal the opening of the daily stock market but also the opening of Midwestern State University's own trading floor - so to speak. That's when MSU administrators will officially cut the ribbon to the new Security Trading and Research (STAR) Lab.

STAR Lab is a high-tech investment lab outfitted with an interactive wall synchronized with real-time transactions around the world and nine Bloomberg Terminals. The terminals will allow users to monitor and analyze financial market data worldwide.

But the real attraction to the new lab is the opportunities that will be available to MSU students. Through this new addition, students in the business college will be able to develop and maintain an investment fund that uses real money and real investments based on real research. In addition, as students use the Bloomberg Terminals to study the market, they can also obtain certification through online training.

 "Many business schools have these type labs, but they tend to be larger schools such as TCU and UT," says Dr. Barbara Nemecek, Dean of the Dillard College of Business Administration. "This will be a good learning experience for our students as they will have the responsibility of managing a real portfolio."

Students wanting to take part in managing the investment fund must apply and once accepted are required to make a one-year commitment. Five students have already been selected to serve as the first management group. The new student managers are currently developing detailed analyst reports on several common stocks for possible investment.

Construction of the STAR Lab and establishment of the investment fund were made possible through private gifts to the college.